My name is Isabelle, I”m originally from a small rural area of Dordogne in France, although now I live with my wonderful husband and our 3 darling cats in the vibrant British city of Brighton.

Babay Fay [bab-bey fay] was born out of my love and passion for all things yarn related. By the age of 6, I was doing tapestry, knitting and cross-stitching and grew up with these being my favourite activities.

However, crochet became my main yarn hobby as I realised that it was not just a “granny sport” but a very trendy craft embraced by the likes of Chanel, Dior, Missoni and even Yves Saint Laurent on the great catwalk and I never looked back.

Since then I’ve been able to use my skills to do good for the community- something I’ve always hoped to be able to do, and I fell in love with the “Pay it forward” concept which I learnt from a Canadian website. I heard about this idea where you leave things for the less fortunate in a visible area such as trees or fences. It really struck a chord with me and have been using the same principal where I live. In 2015 I started knitting scarves for the homeless and leaving them in trees which is what I was originally known for. So with this concept in mind, In 2016 Babay Fay donated well over 20 little hats for premature babies to the Sussex Neonatal Care –Trevor Mann Baby Unit. It was hard work and time consuming to say the least, but all for a good cause. From this event, the Izzy Hat Template was born.

Great things can come from one small good deed.

Thank you for visiting and let’s start making pretty things!


Age 6 knitting my first project for myself: a sleeveless cardigan