Pay It Forward
A Small Act Of Kindness


Pay It Forward: Concept-

“To respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.”

I fell in love with the Pay-It-Forward concept which I discovered by accident on a Canadian knitting website where volunteers had left hanging from trees scarves and hats for the less fortunate and the homeless to help themselves at the start of the winter.

This is a concept I think everyone should be part of in everyday life.

A timeline of our events

In 2017 we donated over 120kg of yarn to The Dropped Stitch (my local and favourite haberdashery) as I wanted to support a local business. In return distributed the yarn to different crafters.

The yarn we donated was used to create many things including:

  • Tiny hats for premature babies in the London and Brighton ICU.
  • Trauma teddies for UK and African support organisations.
  • The cat’s protection and the PDSA.

Later in January we distributed scarves for the ever growing homeless population in Brighton. This is were I also discovered my local Act Of Kindness: Making it A-OK  shelter where I dropped off scarves and baby blankets.

Early 2016, Baby Fay donated well over 20 Preemie hats to Sussex Neonatal Care -Trevor Mann Baby Unit. Find out more here

” I wanted to do something that would be beneficial all year round. With the idea of the scarves, I can only really do it at one time of year, with the babies, there are always going to be little ones in need. I saw a lot of talk online about the premature unit and I really was inspired by reading what other people had done.”

Isabelle Mounet, Founder of Babay Fay.

Pay It Forward
Hats for the premature baby ward crocheted by Isabelle.

It really struck a chord with me and I have been using the same principal where I live at the start of winter 2015 by doing the same near a shelter in Brighton (UK) which even made it in the local newspapers.

Winter 2015, the first act of “Paying it forward” by the Babay Fay brand. Reading about the concept online had struck a cord with me and I really wanted to take part. I started crocheting scarves and leaving them in trees nearby a homeless shelter in Brighton. This caught the local media’s attention highlighting the less privileged population.

Sophistiscarf Pattern

I created this pattern so that it is easy and fast to make yet with texture. It is nice and airy yet really warm. Not to mention that it is the perfect project for a beginner. It is the main pattern I use in my Pay-It-Forward donations and hope it will give you pleasure to make this scarf too.

I hope that reading this inspires you to carry on the good works in your area or maybe inspire to do the same thing 
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