We love getting testimonials from customers, below is a selection of them from our Facebook page!

After contacting Isabelle due to the hat templates being out of stock she messaged me back to say they would be in stock shortly and to give me a heads up if I was interested in purchasing them.
I bought them and received them within two working days, I’ve had them for half a day and they’re absolutely fantastic I can’t recommend them highly enough. I will be back for another set for myself shortly as I’m presets sure my Mum will steal them once she sees how easy they make knocking up a hat.
Would 100% recommend them to anyone and everyone. – Reene H 

Great Idea! I have to have a set! I make hats all the time for the local community. These templates would really be helpful! – Carolyn D 

This is such a great idea can’t wait to get mine. It really takes the guess work out of making hats – Linda B 

Love the templates! They take the guess work out of making hats! – Janet S 

Buy them. They’re great. And you can’t beat the personal touch of their designer. She’s great too. – Margaret O